Why Tonality Affects Your Results on the Telephone

There are many keys to selling in B2B (Business to Business) and one of the main ones that a lot of sales training companies skip over is ‘tonality’ and they shouldn’t because it’s an essential part of success in B2B.

Think about it; over the telephone your voice is the main tool for selling.

When you get to Director level, Owner, CEO etc. you must sound like your at their level to instantly command respect. You have seconds to grab their attention and make them realise that you aren’t a young call centre operative…even if you are!
It’s all about PERCEPTION!

3 things that matter in every call on B2B are:

  1. Trust / Rapport
  2. Competency
  3. Benefactors

Trust / Rapport

You must instantly build trust and rapport by sounding important and NOT sounding like your run of the mill call centre worker. Use their name and make it conversation not interrogation.


Are you competent of the job in the eyes or ears in this case of the decision maker your calling. They will judge this on how you sound, what you say and how you say it. Often people don’t get past this because the decision maker has made a reactive choice that you’re not at their level.


Are the benefits your offering worth their time and effort. The benefits have to be of value to gain any commitment in the sales process whether that’s an appointment or an actual sale the benefits need to be of high value.

Till next time…keep closing!

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