The Art of Deflecting Objections

Below is a couple of approaches to deflect objections and get them back onto being persuaded by you. These examples are for booking an appointment however it can be used for numerous reasons.

Example 1

CLIENT: “I’m just too busy at the moment call back in a couple of months.”

YOU: “I hear what you’re saying let me ask you a question – Timing aside does it at least sound sensible to you?” (If client replies yes)

“Exactly and the true beauty of meeting now at this early stage is…” *Then close hard.

(Remember pace, pace, lead. Act like the guy then lead and he’ll act like you)

Example 2

CLIENT: “I don’t see any point at the moment. It’s just too early.”

You: “Yes, too early for gathering the in’s and out’s of your project, not too early for us to show you what we showed others at this early stage. After this meeting you will have a clearer picture of the options available moving forward in the future. How about (date) for 30 minutes yes?”

I have underlined the words show you and a clearer  picture  because they match the visual way the client sees the World. *Notice his visual language…”I don’t see any point at the moment. It’s just too early.”

Deflecting objections is used masterfully by lawyers. Learn to use them in your selling.

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