Telecoms Lead Generation – The Importance of Tonality

With today’s outbound calling market being so saturated, it becomes very apparent that what worked in years gone by no longer works today.

Decision makers are having to respond to more and more calls from not only lead generation companies but the telecoms companies themselves with their in-house teams.

So what do you do to stand out from all the others. One of the main things to work on is ‘TONALITY’.

It really is 50% WHAT you say and 50% HOW you say it. It is very important nowadays to work on these following key points on tonality:

  • Sounding professional & authoritative
  • Inflection in your voice 
  • Do not sound monotone
  • Match the speed of customer
  • Talking with pauses at the right times
  • Talk with clarity and not rushing your words
  • And not sounding like a call centre 

Often sales training companies that train telesales staff don’t do a lot of work on ‘HOW’ the staff sound and this is a big mistake. Today more than ever telesales staff must sound like they themselves are a decision maker.

Are you transferring enthusiasm or are you putting people to sleep?

So work on improving how you sound and see if this makes a difference to the responses you get. I have got no doubt that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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