Online Learning During COVID-19

Who could have predicted a year ago that pubs and restaurants will have shut or children wouldn’t be finishing the school summer term? From a business perspective, even with Government intervention, COVID-19 has been catastrophic, with many companies being forced to adopt new ways of treating staff – radically changing the employee/employer dynamic.


No more so that the ‘working day’, traditionally such a reliable part of our lives that for many, provided a structure with which to underpin or define our existence. This been turned upside down, with ‘furlough’, ‘zoom’ and ‘social distancing’ now part of all our everyday vocabularies.


At the beginning of Lockdown, there was much trepidation with regard to how we could adapt to working from home. But there is much to be positive about. Employers embracing technology (or being forced to) has shown the world how we all work efficiently, diligently and achieve greater output when designing our working day ourselves. Communication; such a pillar of our work lives has found new ways to be achieved and, in most cases, a more effective way to be intertwined with our everyday tasks, meetings and agendas. One key area which has adapted swiftly, is that of online learning.


At Mindcell we have witnessed an unprecedented surge in demand for our own Leadership and Sales training courses. With it being accepted that a ‘new normal’ will involve less commuting, less face to face comms but a more streamlined and consumer lead service, designed around the customer. Which is why we brought forward the launch of Mindcell On Demand, a sign-up service that allows your team members to come out of COVID-19 with a ravenous hunger to drive your business forward.


What hasn’t changed during COVID-19 is sales, only how they’re made.


Deals will still need to be closed, prospective clients approached, buyers influenced, objections overcome and results demanded.


Mental strength will be prevalent, are your sales team resilient and adaptable to a new type of customer? Here’s 3 key elements of Online Learning that our feedback is telling us why the Mindcell On Demand Service is perfect for the world we’re now living and working in.


  1. Online Learning at your own pace. No longer dictated by classroom times, we are free to ‘log on’ and scale our learning around our own lives. With the working day now personalised to a structure that benefits the employee, so too is CPD. Mindcell offers ‘Live’ training as well as content to be absorbed at the customers pace.
  2. Cost effective. Online learning provides a structure of learning that eradicates commuting costs or room rentals. Online learning providers are keen to offer scale-able cost structures, Mindcell’s own corporate package starts at just £497 per month for up to 15 members. For a limited time only we’re offering a free ‘live’ 45 minute on-boarding training call.
  3. Re-watchable content. It’s not been possible in a classroom environment to record sessions and watch back, but with modern technology online learning provides exactly that functionality, meaning content can be absorbed at the rate dictated by the viewer, not the lesson plan.


These key drivers, when aligned with the fact our customers have DIRECT access to Stephen give Mindcell On Demand the edge over the competition. We’ve taken the efficiences afforded by technology and combined this with the personal touch Stephen offers to to create the most in demand, on demand online sales training available today.


To discuss how Mindcell can change the landscape of your business sign up here.

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